About Commonwealth Packaging

About Commonwealth Packaging Mission Statement
All employees of Commonwealth Packaging Corporation firmly pledge that, at all times, each and everyone will strive to complete the tasks at hand so that we may insure that our customers receive, from our efforts, total quality and service, 100% of the time.
About Commonwealth PackagingQuality Statement
Commonwealth Packaging Corporation is committed to the fulfillment of our customers' requirements. We pledge to use all resources at our disposal to perpetually improve. Management will strive to lead proactively, with the goal of helping each individual employee to attain zero defects in all facets of their work.
Commonwealth Packaging Corporation management team pledges to train employees with film, workshops, and we will lead by example. We will ensure that all equipment is maintained in such a way that it will consistently provide "standard" products". Management and hourly workers will "learn up" to uncover source problems through the use of quality audits with specific attention paid to critical areas of concern; printing, slotting, scoring and gluing.
Commonwealth Packaging Corporation will monitor and control all outside purchases such as sheet stock, inks and dies. We will help our suppliers help us be successful and leaders in our field through monthly supplier audits. All of our efforts will be consistent with our company mission statement; "insure total quality in all our products 100% of the time."
Commonwealth Packaging